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Vicky Gill

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Arwinder Singh, commonly known as Vicky Gill, is an Indian lyricist of Punjabi Origin. He was born at Nanaksar Kaleran, Moga and later moved to Subhana, Jalandhar. He completed his 8Th from Subhana and then joined MGN School and completed his Sr. Secondary there. He also studied in Khalsa collage and completed his Graduation from APJ college of fine arts Jalandhar.

Vicky started writing various peom in very young age of 10, when he was in 5th class only. He got appreciation from his teachers and fellows classmates, which gave him moral boost and he started writing more and want to be a professional lyricist.

Vicky got his first break in 2015. His first Track was sung by Aman Sandhu and music was given by MC. Since then Vicky has written many punjabi songs.

His songs such as “Gaal Ni Kadni” and “Daleriya” were the biggest hit. Both were on the Top charts of the time.

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My Latest Tracks

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    + (91) 805 455 3404

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